Prevent tracking my own pageviews

Ignore IPs

There is a ‘Ignore IPs’ settings in your site’s settings (Settings → Tracking). All requests from any IP address added here will be ignored.


Add #toggle-goatcounter to your site’s URL to block your browser; for example:

If you filled in the domain in your settings then there should be a link there. If you edit it in your URL bar you may have to reload the page with F5 for it to work (you should get a popup).

Skip loading staging/beta sites

You can check if you want to load GoatCounter only on and not or; for example:

    // Only load on production environment.
    if ( !== '')
        window.goatcounter = {no_onload: true}
<script data-goatcounter=""
        async src="//"></script>

Request from localhost and the most common private networks are already ignored unless you add allow_local.

Questions or problems?

Feel free to get in touch if you’ve got any questions or having any problems; a lot of times they can be resolved without too much problems.

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