Track multiple domains/sites

GoatCounter doesn’t store the domain a pageview belongs to; if you add GoatCounter to several (sub)domains then there’s no way to distinguish between requests to and as they’re both recorded as /path.

This might be improved at some point in the future; the options right now are:

  1. Create a new site for every domain; this is a completely separate site which has the same user, login, etc. You will need to use a different site for every (sub)domain.

  2. If you want everything in a single overview then you can add the domain to the path, instead of just sending the path:

        window.goatcounter = {
            path: function(p) { return + p }
    <script data-goatcounter=""
            async src="//"></script>

For subdomains it it might be more useful to just add the first domain label instead of the full domain here, or perhaps just a short static string identifying the source.

Also see setting the endpoint in JavaScript.

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