GoatCounter Beta

Simple web statistics. No tracking of personal data.

Screenshot of the GoatCounter interface


  • Free during initial beta;
    $3/month afterwards
  • For non-commercial use
  • Unlimited sites
  • 100k pageviews/months
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  • $30/month
  • Commercial use
  • Unlimited sites
  • 2M pageviews/month
  • Custom domain (stats.mine.com)


  • Contact for pricing
  • Unlimited pageviews/month
  • Unlimited sites
  • Private installation

Privacy-aware; doesn’t track users; doesn't need a GDPR notice.

Lightweight and fast; adds just 0.8KB of extra data to your site.

Easy; if you've been confused by the myriad of options and flexibility of Google Analytics and Matomo that you don't need then GoatCounter will be a breath of fresh air.

Accessibility is a high-priority feature, and the interface works well with screen readers, no JavaScript, and even text browsers.

100% committed to open source; you can see exactly what the code does and make improvements. See the GitHub page.

Own your data; you can always export all data and cancel at any time.

We’ll email on significant updates (such as full launch) and major additions, at most once a month.