Privacy policy

8 March 2021

The following information can be stored:

  • URL of the visited page.
  • Referer header.
  • Browser and system information (derived from User-Agent header or HTTP client hints; the original headers are not stored).
  • Screen size.
  • Country and region name derived from the IP address.
  • The browser language derived from the Accept-Language header.

There is a setting to disable collecting any of this data and the collected data may differ per hosted site, but the default is to collect all of the above except the language.

No personal information (such as IP address) is collected; a hash of the IP address, User-Agent, and a random number (“salt”) is kept in the process memory for 8 hours to identify a browsing session, and is never stored to disk.

There is no information stored in the browser with cookies, localStorage, or other methods.

Also see the GDPR consent notices.

Sharing with third parties

No information is shared with third parties.

Using the service

An email address is required to use the service. GoatCounter also use cookies to:

  • remember that you’re logged in to your account between visits;
  • store short-lived informational messages (“flash messages”), for example to inform that an operation was completed or that there was an error.

Email to request all information collected about you, or to request removal of all information.

Changes to the policy

We may make changes to this policy with at least two weeks notice. Notice will be sent to the email on file for your account.

Questions or problems?

Feel free to get in touch if you’ve got any questions or having any problems; a lot of times they can be resolved without too much problems.

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