GoatCounter privacy policy

1 April 2020

The following information is collected:

No personal information (such as IP address) is collected; a hash of the IP address, User-Agent, and a daily changing random number (“salt”) is stored for 24 hours at the most to identify unique visitors.

There is no information stored in the browser with e.g. cookies.


GoatCounter does not collect data which can be used to identify a person, and the GDPR almost certainly doesn’t apply. See Recital 26, “Not applicable to anonymous data”.

That being said, EU Regulations such as the GDPR are interpreted and enforced different across member states, and national laws may also apply. It’s advised you consult a lawyer if you want detailed legal advice specific to your situation.

Sharing with third parties

No information is shared with third parties.

Using the GoatCounter.com service

Billing is handled by Stripe, and all billing information is stored and handled by Stripe. See the Stripe Privacy Policy.

An email address is required to use the GoatCounter.com service. We also use cookies to:

Email support@goatcounter.com to request all information collected about you, or to request removal of all information.

Changes to the policy

We may make changes to this policy with at least two weeks notice. Notice will be sent to the email on file for your account.