Notes about GoatCounter's design

GoatCounter's main design is quite different from various other solutions. The main difference is that the statistics are displayed per path on the dashboard, rather than as totals.

I originally developed GoatCounter specifically for my own website/blog, where "site totals" are fairly useless, and "path totals" are much more useful. I think this applies for many sites; if you have a webshop with different /category-1 and /category-2 paths then being able to quickly see which categories are popular and being able to see detailed stats for them seems pretty useful to me.

The downside of this is that the dashboard can appear as "busy", "intimidating", or "overwhelming" at a glance. A simple "630 visitors today" is certainly a lot clearer. On the other hand, it's also a lot less useful for many cases.

Is it "more technical"? I don't know; maybe. Personally I think it's just a more useful way to display data, and I think (semi-)serious users of all technical skills should be able to work with it.

GoatCounter isn't intentionally different – I just built whatever I thought made sense. That ended up being somewhat different than many other solutions. Looking at the current landscape I think that GoatCounter being somewhat different is not a bad thing; There's not much point in just making a copy of an existing product right?

Some other points about GoatCounter's design: